Bariatric surgery has been shown to be the most effective and durable treatment for morbid obesity. Patients may lose as much as 60 percent of excess weight six months after surgery, and 77 percent of excess weight as early as 12 months after surgery. And on average, five years after surgery, patients maintain more than 50 percent of their excess weight loss.

Recent studies published by the National Institutes of Health and the New England Journal of Medicine have shown bariatric surgery can prevent, improve, or resolve more than 40 obesity related diseases or conditions including type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, GERD, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint problems, and sleep apnea.


  • 92% reduction in mortality from type 2 diabetes
  • 60% reduction in mortality from cancer, with largest reductions seen in breast and colon cancers
  • 56% reduction in mortality from coronary artery disease
  • 40% overall reduction in mortality in gastric bypass patients

In addition to improving health and longevity, bariatric surgery can increase quality of life by increasing mobility, self-esteem, ability to work, and social interactions. Depression and anxiety are also often significantly reduced following bariatric surgery.