Weight-Loss Surgery Can Offer a New Beginning

Seth Kipnis, M.D.
Medical Director
Center for Weight Loss Surgery
Jersey Shore University Medical Center

The benefits of bariatric surgery go far beyond what the eye can see. When combined with healthy habits and a proactive lifestyle, weight-loss surgery can truly be a new beginning.

According to Seth Kipnis, M.D., medical director of the Center for Weight Loss Surgery at Jersey Shore University Medical Center, when combined with proactive lifestyle changes, bariatric surgery can provide "a new beginning, a chance at a longer life."

“Weight-loss surgery is truly a life-changing event,” says Kipnis. “At Jersey Shore, we provide patients the medical expertise of a large health system and offer support every step of the way.”

If a patient decides weight loss surgery is the right option for them, what steps should they take to ensure long-term success?

According to Kipnis, the best approach, as with most health-related decisions, is to be prepared and be committed. If healthy habits and lifestyle changes are established ahead of time, the rewards are boundless.

“Surgery is just one weight loss tool. It doesn’t replace a healthy lifestyle," Kipnis says. “It’s important for patients to begin the process of making lifestyle changes before surgery, (and be) committed to making the efforts necessary for success."